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Attracting and retaining talent in the workplace typically depends on one common factor for many employers: reward and remuneration for staff.


In the hierarchy of appeal for a job role, pay is likely to rank towards the top of the scale for a vast majority of employees. From recruitment to retirement, the arrival of a payslip each month gives reason to remain in a role for many individuals.

While an employee’s highest priority is the financial reward, it is also one of an organisation’s highest costs.

Achieving a balance to suit both parties is one of the most difficult challenges employers currently face. When submitting the entry that secured them the Gold level for ‘Investors in People’, Worldwide Fruit Ltd gained an insight as to how their staff scored the organisation in a variety of different areas, including reward.

“Part of the assessment process involved staff being asked about the Company,” says Tricia McCarron, HR Director of the international fruit marketing and Distribution Company. “Although overall we scored very highly, the area with the lowest scores were around Recognition and Reward.

“As we have an ethos of continuous improvement, we looked for a tool to assist us with looking at how we reward staff.”


With 320 employees to account for, Tricia searched for support which could provide Worldwide Fruit Ltd with the data and detail they needed to ensure they were competitive in the industry, and helped to improve employee satisfaction with regard to reward.

Due to the level of detail and information provided by the tools available, Tricia made the decision to partner with Croner.

To assist with reward and remuneration, Croner’s pay and benefits specialists have over 40 years of expertise in the pay and benefits arena – from providing pay data gathered through our ongoing salary research activities, to delivering bespoke consultancy projects.

“We chose Croner because they are a well-known name, and a reputable company,” Tricia says.

How We've Helped

“We particularly liked the detail of the Job Evaluation and Salary Survey offered by Croner and felt it would be credible and accurate. So far, it has proved to be so.”

Job evaluations are an essential discipline for maintaining a robust and defensible structure for all jobs within an organisation by determining the value of a role in comparison to other roles within an organisation, or across the external market.

By utilising the job evaluation tool clients, including Worldwide Fruit Ltd, benefit from more transparency for their workforce, providing a stronger mechanism for progression, and ultimately contributing to attracting and retaining staff.

Salary Surveys also significantly aid the latter. By providing competitive salary benchmarking information, employers often find a reduction in staff turnover. When recruiting new talent, the information can be used to entice the best candidates by offering an attractive remuneration package.

Croner Reward has one of the largest independent pay and benefits databases in the country, which is constantly growing and updated.

Croner’s services help thousands of organisations with a number of time and cost saving solutions.

By using Croner, Worldwide Fruit Ltd are able to easily review their internal roles to make sure they remain competitive and conscientious employers.

“Using Croner has meant that we can assess and benchmark our roles, salaries and benefits packages to ensure that we are in line with others,” Tricia says.

“We aspire to be an Upper Quartile payer [within the top 25% of the pay market], and this means we will be adjusting salaries in some cases and hopefully, retaining staff.

“So far, the services have been excellent.”

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