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08 August 2018

No business has a “one template fits all” contract. That’s because every company employs a variety of different people in a variety of roles at different levels of seniority.

However, you can build a basic employment contract template to use as a starting point. This way, you aren’t starting from scratch every time you come to employ someone new. There are also some legal requirements for you to outline at a minimum.

In this article, we’ll look at the key terms you should include in each of your contracts and provide you with a free employment contract template compliant with UK law.

Your employment contract template

So, where should you start?

Use this free sample employment contract to learn more about:

  1. Capability procedures.
  2. Disciplinary procedures.
  3. Whistle-blower policies.
  4. General policies & procedures.

Legally, new employees are entitled to a statement of main terms from the first day of employment. This is different from a contract of employment, but it contains many of the same terms.

These are laid out in the acas contract of employment template:

  1. The employer’s name.
  2. The employee or worker’s name.
  3. The start date (the day the employee or worker starts work).
  4. The date that ‘continuous employment’ started for an employee.
  5. Job title, or a brief description of the job.
  6. The employer’s address.
  7. The places or addresses where the employee or worker will work.
  8. Pay, including how often and when.
  9. Working hours, including which days the employee must work and if they can change.
  10. Holiday & holiday pay, plus an explanation of how its calculated if the employee leaves.
  11. The amount of sick leave and pay.
  12. Any other paid leave.
  13. Any other benefits, including non-contractual benefits such as company car schemes.
  14. The notice period either side must give when employment ends.
  15. How long you expect the job to last (if it’s a temporary or fixed-term).
  16. Any probation period, including its conditions and how long it is.
  17. If the employee will work abroad, and any terms that apply.
  18. Training that the employee or worker must complete, including training the employer does not pay for.

Other terms of employment contract templates

There are other terms you can add later, and don’t need to be added when initially building your employment contract template for UK employees.

You can provide these terms in instalments, if you wish, they include:

  1. Pension arrangements.
  2. Non-statutory employee benefits.
  3. Collective agreements.
  4. Non-compulsory training.
  5. Disciplinary rules & procedures.
  6. Grievance rules & procedures.

What is included in a standard employment contract template?

So far, we’ve listed the terms you should include, but not gone into detail on what should be included within each term. While the exact wording is up to you, there are some dos and don’ts. Much of this will be covered in the employment contract template we’ve provided free below.

Perhaps one of the most critical points to keep in mind is sticking to the wording of the contract. For example, if a contract states that an employee’s probationary period is due to last three months, you shouldn’t extend it to six months without good reason and appropriate notice. Doing so puts you and your business at risk.

Download our free sample contract of employment template

You can download our employment contract template for free. The contract includes the main terms you should include from day one of employment. Remember, this is a sample only, and should be altered to fit your workplace and the role you are hiring for.

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