Workplace Culture & Performance Management

Define your working environment and manage your employees towards greater productivity.


Performance management in the workplace is an essential part of your business’ daily routine. Some duties are mandatory by law, while others provide your business with the chance to better retention rates.

Health & safety culture in the workplace is essential. This is your business’ requirement to define attitudes, beliefs, and values towards organisation-wide safety.

But then you can also focus on company culture. By actively nurturing your workforce, you can take steps towards ensuring long-term productivity. And that starts with your company culture.

You’ll find ideas to improve workplace culture, such as the perks you can offer, management styles for your organisation, and how to grow openness in your business.

Here are some of the resources you can take advantage of:

  • Look out for signs of toxic workplace culture—this can have damaging effects on your productivity.
  • How to go about measuring success in the workplace, which can determine how your business operates in the long-term.

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