Industry Salary Surveys

Croner Reward publishes over 25 different regional, national and industry specific salary benchmarking surveys every year.

Our Industry Salary Surveys cover the following industries:

Getting up-to-date, comprehensive data that can be used time and time again is useful for any pay and benefits or HR professional because the biggest problem facing HR teams on a regular basis is the hours required:

  1. to research pay and benefits data
  2. to compile the data into a meaningful report

Having a handy and comprehensive guide for critical job functions is really useful for a busy HR professional, which is where Croner Reward’s team can help. Our surveys are updated annually and packed with all the pay and benefits data you require to successfully benchmark roles. Whether you are recruiting a new person for a position or looking to review and amend pay for an existing member of staff; these reports are invaluable. Even if a new department is being set-up then this data is really useful for anyone setting pay. All the data is easy-to-use and a time lag can be implemented if the data is being referred to a month or more after the original survey publication date.

Salary information will be based on a number of factors, some of which include:

  • the number of employees in an organisation
  • the region where the role is based
  • company turnover

However, the surveys can also report on a wealth of additional information around pay.

Taking Directors Rewards as one example, some of the areas covered within the survey are:

  • average pay increases
  • information on the general landscape of pay
  • bonus figures
  • a guide on to calculate the ‘going rate’ of pay

Benefits information will include holiday entitlement, pension provision and much more…

Most of the other surveys in this category follow a similar layout but the information is tailored to the specific job function. Surveys are published throughout the year and sit as part of the suite of around 25 surveys offered.

Whether you prefer to look at tables within the surveys or graphical representation of the data; these surveys have an easy-to-read format and are clearly labelled to help you find your way around them without taking too much time. All surveys in the range from Croner Reward follow this set-up so, once you have used one survey and have the knowledge as to how they work, you can easily use all the other surveys produced (if you choose to purchase them).

Our research officers are available if you need any assistance in using the survey data. If you are a participant in the surveys then you may well have spoken to the person you need help from before – all adding to the ease of the use of the survey.