Job evaluations are an essential discipline for maintaining a robust and defensible structure to all jobs within an organisation by systematically determining the value of a role in comparisons to other roles within an organisation or across the external market.

Understanding an organisation’s structure and knowing how different skills and responsibilities fit are crucial to the development of successful pay policies. This is especially so for companies that face issues including:

  • A lack of transparency
  • No mechanism for progression
  • The current structure is no longer fit-for-purpose
  • Using too many/too few pay grades
  • Failing to attract/retain staff
  • Staff challenging their pay/grade

Croner Reward’s approach to Job Evaluation simplifies any pay and grading project producing transparent and justifiable results. Our tried and tested methodology analyses 10 factors that encompass the requirements, demands and content of jobs from Chief Executive to unskilled in a wide range of organisations operating in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. This methodology considers educational standards, responsibility, accountability, complexity, and autonomy.

The Croner Reward methodology helps to:

  • Rank current roles by seniority
  • Establish internal job relativities and equity
  • Develop a fair and equitable grading structure
  • Consider ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Link pay to the external market
Warehouse manager and workers talking