Employment Law


Employment law in the UK is a complex issue. Especially when managing day-to-day operations.

But you must respect your employee rights in the UK and operate correctly as a business to ensure you don't face any legal ramifications. 

As such, having access to support can be valuable, which is where our UK employment law guides and other resources are useful.

What is employment law?

It's a set of laws dealing with the rights of your staff members and your responsibilities as an employer.

There are a wide range of issues, which includes the likes of pension plans, redundancy, retirement, safety in the workplace, and discrimination.

There are regular employment law changes so it’s important for your business to keep with them as and when they happen.  

Employment law resources

You can find a comprehensive range of supporting guides, documents, and downloads to support your daily business operations.

  • A guide to UK employment laws and how they affect your business and workforce.
  • Employment law articles detailing complex topics in understandable language.
  • Common law duties of employers and employees that you should be aware of.

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