Exit Interview Templates in the UK

blog-publish-date 09 June 2021

Nobody can work for a company forever, even if it’s the only company they work at for their entire life. When employees leave a company, it is a great opportunity to get some honest feedback on the company and its processes.

Now they don’t depend on you for their livelihood, they may be more forthcoming with any views and criticisms.

You can conduct exit interviews face-to-face, build an exit interview form using services like Survey Monkey, or encourage company reviews on Glassdoor.

An exit interview template ensures your exit interview process is consistent and provides valuable information from employees as they leave the company. You can use the feedback to discover areas for improving your organisation’s employee experience.

What is an exit interview survey template?

It is a form that employees fill out when they are leaving the company. You can conduct exit interviews through just a template, a verbal interview, or by combining both together.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so we would recommend using both. A written survey allows employees to write their feelings more freely. But an interview afterwards allows for any rapport to bring other issues to the forefront or gain some needed context.

Why do you need an exit interview template?

A template exit interview form allows you to standardise the exiting process. When you have a clear and consistent template and process, it can help you draw more meaningful conclusions from the data.

You document the employee’s constructive comments and observations in an orderly fashion and compare the information more strategically.

Here are four reasons the template is beneficial:

  • All key topics are covered.
  • Conversations remain productive and focused.
  • Employees are prepared.

What should an exit interview template cover?

Any exit interview template should include questions that cover these five categories:

  • Reasons for leaving
  • The job itself
  • Remuneration & benefits
  • The company cultures
  • Supervisors/line managers
  • Company management

There should be both an employee exit interview questions template and a form section. This allows for simple questions where employees give a reason, sections where they rank statements and sections for a longer explanation.

Having a mixture of data allows you to identify trends and gain more unique insights.

Download our free employee exit interview template today

Every employer will have to manage employees leaving the company. While this is natural, you want to ensure it doesn’t become a brain drain. This will reduce your productivity and profits.

With our exit interview letter template, you can ensure you learn from all leaving employees and improve any processes you have.

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