Alison Walmsley - Regional HR Business Partner

“The reason we chose the Croner Employment Advisory Service is because of their reputation.  They’ve got over 70 years experience of supporting various sizes of organisations and they have a reputation of doing that successfully.”

How We've Helped

KFC are one just one brand of the largest restaurant company in the World – Yum brands. Based in Woking, Surrey, they have approximately 7,000 employees based in store operations and 700 stores across the United Kingdom, about 270 of which are company owned.

Alison Walmsley, Regional HR Business Partner with KFC UK, discusses why they turned to Croner for support.

“We’ve built up a great relationship with Croner now. We find that the restaurant managers ring up and will ask for specific consultants by name because they like and enjoy working with that particular consultant.  I would say it has become an extension of our HR Department. They provide a friendly, professional support and advice to our restaurant managers.

“As HR Business Partners we couldn’t offer our restaurant managers 24-7, 365 days a year service, and when they need help they need the help immediately and a HR Business Partner might be dealing with other aspects of the role which prevents them from being readily available.  The service offered by Croner enables them to make that call and speak to somebody almost immediately, if that’s what they need to do, and they can have that 365 days per year, which is great.

“For me on a personal level it’s enabled me to deal with more strategic issues, which will then enable me to add further value to the operational business.  It’s a great comfort for ourselves that we’ve got a specialist to go to to double-check and to seek clarification so that legally we know we’re making the right decision.  Certainly as HR Business Partners it’s great to be able to have a sounding board and the Croner Team provide that support to us as HR professionals.

“For the Line Managers they’ve got somebody they know is qualified, has got the experience, and that legally they are getting the right advice and they will literally take cases with them from the cradle almost to the grave.  From start to finish they will be able to work through a case with Croner.  The restaurant teams are comfortable and don’t feel they can only call once, they are made to feel they can call as many times as they feel they need to be able to handle any cases and they are then able to get the support that they need to be able to deal with cases so that we know that that’s going to be dealt with in-line with the law and successfully.”

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