How To Get Salary Information

This how-to guide shows you the best ways to obtain salary information from Croner Reward. We have over 40 years’ experience at offering pay and benefits advice (formerly as The Reward Group), over which time we have formed a substantial pay database. This salary information is invaluable when it comes to pay reviews, the recruitment of new staff and retention of existing employees. Data is available in a number of different ways:

1) Through a salary survey

We believe sharing is the best policy – you give your salary data, another business gives there’s (data for a specific business is kept confidential) and the industry gets a wider awareness about what the typical pay scales are. Croner Reward publishes more than 25 salary surveys each year; classified by region, nationality or job role/industry. Through a salary survey, you can see the median and quartile ranges of salaries offered by survey participants to see where your business sits or what pay you could offer to be competitive in the marketplace. Discounts are available for participants in our surveys, as a thank you for contributing. Please contact Karen Owen on 01785 826241 or e-mail should you wish to participate or if you would like to buy a copy of a salary survey.

2) Through a market rate report

The salary surveys mentioned above are published to many organisations as a means of sharing salary information but if you are looking for specific market data tailored to you requirements then we offer market rate reports that are available for individuals, departments or the organisation as a whole. Analysing our extensive pay database, the consulting team create market rate reports for jobs using your criteria (e.g. sector, location and size). These reports also contain benefits information around company cars, pensions, health schemes, hours of work, holidays and subsistence allowance to help you structure a complete remuneration package (if required). For further details on market rate reports, please contact Clare Parkinson on 01785 826251 or

3) Using our salary benchmarking tool

If you have a regular need for up-to-the-minute salary information, then you may wish to use our online salary benchmark calculator SalarySearch. This is updated quarterly based on our consultants’ continual research into pay and benefits. Salary information is available for over 600 of the most common job roles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As SalarySearch is accessible from a mobile phone and tablet device, you can use it on the move and it is a handy tool for accessing quickly. Plus, it only takes a couple of minutes to benchmark a job; making the task a lot easier. To find out more about SalarySearch or to begin a free trial, please contact Karen Owen on 01785 826241 or e-mail

4) Directors’ Remuneration

Croner Reward also offers advice on remuneration packages appropriate for existing or new board members and/or directors. As we continually work with organisations to provide advice on pay, we are able to help you form a package that is in-line with the market rate and tailored to your business. As directors may sometimes come under scrutiny from the press or other sources regarding their salaries, it is useful to have analytical data that can be used to justify the package offered.   If you would like to discuss this with one of our consultants, please contact Clare Parkinson on 01785 826251 or