Directors Rewards

Directors Rewards is a unique study of executive-level pay and benefits in the UK.

This survey covers pay and benefits for Chair, Managing Director and 18 other Functional and non-executive Director roles.

Data is split into small (under £5million turnover), medium (£5-50m) and large (£50-£500m) companies, enabling simple comparison of information against similar companies.

Data is researched from a variety of business sectors.

All salary information is analysed by a range of factors including:

  • Company Turnover
  • Region
  • Industry Sector
  • Gender
  • Number of Employees

The survey also features a comprehensive benefits section including information on:

  • Bonuses
  • Pension Contributions
  • Dividends
  • Performance Related Pay
  • Company Car Entitlement

Whether you need to benchmark one role or many, Directors Rewards is an essential tool for the development of effective and transparent reward practices.

Why should I use a pay survey to help me set directors’ pay?

Having all the key elements for a directors’ pay and benefits package in one place will save countless hours of research time. In addition, the data is kept up-to-date and new benefits details are constantly being added to each survey, so directors and HR staff can easily review remuneration packages across a variety of industries.

Directors are so busy either running a business or organising the strategy for their department that their pay can be lower down their list of priorities. It is important to monitor pay every year so an organisation can keep up with what the market pays directors and is not open to losing their key staff to competitors on remuneration grounds.

Bonus structure, holidays, car allowances and pay are some of the topics that are important and come as part of the whole remuneration package and should not be excluded or left to drift. These can increase the value of a pay package, and are also covered in the survey.

Regular pay reviews are recommended; particularly if directors have taken on additional responsibilities for another company, division or more employees. Keeping directors pay in-line with the industry expectations is also important because everyone wants to feel valued and rewarded for a job well done and directors are no different.

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