Top Tips - Getting Back to Normal

By Matthew Reymes Cole
01 Jul 2020


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Top tips for getting back to normal after lockdown

Workplaces are reopening. Social distancing is set to be in place for some time, whatever form that takes. So, when you bring people back, there are a number of things you should bear in mind.

1. Carefully plan who should return

Consider if staff can continue working remotely for now. Take into account their personal circumstances and if they are at higher risk.

If they cannot work remotely, can their shifts be structured to help them avoid busy peak times?

2. Keep staff informed

Make sure all staff are aware of the steps taken to keep the workplace safe and expectations placed upon them to social distance.

Steps should also be taken to listen to any concerns they have.

3. Consider if staff need further training

If staff have been away from work for a while, consider if they need training as a refresher, or to update them on any developments.

Remember: be patient with them. It may take them a few days to get back into the swing of work.

4. Know the rules on self-isolation

Ensure staff follow the latest government guidelines if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or believe they have been exposed to it.

Make sure they feel comfortable coming forward. It'll be less disruptive to have them absent from work than expose staff to the virus!

5. Manage annual leave requests

Staff may have a significant amount of leave left to take. If possible, encourage them to take this.

Remember: the first four weeks of leave not taken as a result of the coronavirus can be carried over into the next two leave years.

6. Manage staff mental health

This will have been a challenging time for your workforce and they should be encouraged to come forward with any issues they are having.

They should also be signposted to counselling services, such as an Employee Assistance Programme, if offered.

Expert support

Returning to work after a period of lockdown is a significant challenge. Face it head on with the help of our HR and health & safety experts. Get advice today by calling 01455 858 132.

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Matthew Reymes-Cole

Matt joined Croner in 2007 as an employment law consultant and has advised clients of all sizes on all aspects of employment law. He has worked within management positions since 2017 and currently oversees a team within the litigation department, whilst continuing to support a number of clients directly.