Employing Ukraine Nationals Full Guide

blog-publish-date 07 June 2022

Over the past month we’ve provided guidance on how to employ Ukrainian nationals. Now, we bring you the full guide, with all of our guidance collected as a free resource.

The guide covers:

  • Routes to employment for Ukrainian nationals
  • Integration into the workplace
  • When and how to conduct right to work checks

Plus, we provide hints and tips to ensure recruitment and integration is a success. Remember, if you need tailored advice, you can receive it today by calling 01455 858 132.

Here’s a preview of what to expect in the guide below…

Routes to employment

Since the crisis began the government has introduced several schemes to help refugees settle and find work in the UK. These include:

  1. The Ukraine Family Scheme
  2. Homes for Ukraine Scheme
  3. Standard Visa Scheme

There are already existing rules around sponsorship and immigration. In the guide, we explain how the schemes work alongside, or differently to, the existing regulations.

See the full article on routes to employment here.


Each employee integrates into a business differently. A Ukrainian national will likely face additional barriers when beginning a new role. As an employer, you should take steps to ensure their transition is as easy as possible.

Communication is key during this period. However, there can be language barriers, and other issues that make conversations difficult.

Ways you can help include:

  • Training
  • Policy amends
  • Utilising existing staff

Find out more tips and hints in the full article on integration here.

Right to work checks

A Ukrainian national who hasn’t applied for permission to stay in the UK doesn’t have a right to work. While it is ultimately up to them to regularise their status, you can provide support as an employer.

You need to utilise the government portal, and follow the directions given. However, there are things you can do to prepare and make sure the process is seamless.

Our guide will tell you when and how to conduct right to work checks. Find out more on right to work checks by reading our article here.

Download your free employing Ukrainian refugee guide

Employing people always has its challenges. These can be amplified when there is a language barrier or you need to make unfamiliar checks. Download our guide to find out how to address these challenges.

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