Croner Awarded Best Companies ‘Ones to Watch’ Status

By Amanda Beattie
08 Mar 2018

For the second year running Croner has been awarded ‘Ones to Watch’ status by the Sunday Times Best Companies survey.

Participating businesses work with Best Companies to carry out a completely independent and in-depth survey of their employees – measuring how they feel and why they feel this way. The information provided then gives each organisation a full picture of workplace engagement.

This year 58% of Croner’s employees completed the survey which delivered a score of 605. This strong score secured Croner ‘Ones to Watch’ status which ‘reflects organisations with good levels of workplace engagement’ and where ‘workplace engagement shows promising signs for the future’.

Paul Holcroft, Associate Director of Operations, said:

“We’re delighted to have achieved Ones to Watch Status once again. The survey is completely independent and shows that Croner is doing well in terms of creating a culture of good workplace engagement.

“The Croner Management Team will reflect on all of the feedback and information from this survey, in order to continue to improve and develop our organisation and people.”

The Sunday Times and Best Companies launched the first list in 2001, and have continued to grow and develop ever since. According to the Best Companies website, the survey is an industry leading way to measure employee engagement.

It states:

“We now have the people in place to not only measure true engagement, but to improve it. And with improvements in the way the data is reported on, we can look into businesses in a more detailed and effective way than any other organisation. “It’s not just knowing what questions to ask, it’s knowing how to ask them. We have developed an academically rigorous methodology that gets to the heart of what people want and expect from their working lives. “This unique system looks for patterns, connections and correlations between employee responses, taking you beyond just identifying how your employees feel – it uncovers why they feel that way.”

About the Author

Amanda Beattie

Amanda represents corporate clients and large public bodies, including complex discrimination and whistleblowing claims. Amanda also drafts and delivers bespoke training regarding all aspects of employment law, including ‘mock tribunal’ events; in addition she also frequently drafts employment law articles for various publications for Croner and their clients.

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