Employment Status Factsheet

blog-publish-date 08 August 2018

In light of the recent rulings surrounding the gig economy, it is proving to be more important than ever for employers to ascertain their workforce’s status.

HMRC appear to be casting a keen eye in the direction of three brackets: Worker, Self-employed, and Employee. How to ascertain an individual’s respective status can be notoriously difficult, as there is often an exhaustive checklist of points to consider.

  • Is the person in question under direct supervision or control?
  • Do you pay them holiday or sick pay?
  • Do they attend your Christmas parties or even dine in your staff canteens?

Download our free Employment Status Factsheet to help you sift through the confusing grey areas, and see a concise breakdown of the three main statuses. If you need further assistance to differentiate your workers’ status, please don’t hesitate to call us today. We are always happy to discuss status on a bespoke and case by case basis.