Homeworking Policy

blog-publish-date 17 March 2020

Any employee can request to work from home, and you have to at least consider the proposal.

But allowing a staff member to work from home is often a complex process. And it all starts with a work from home policy in the UK. 

How to use this template

You can download our work from home policy document for free as part of our resources. It’s simply a case of entering a few details and then you’ll have access to the sample homeworking policy. 

Remember, you should adapt the template to suit your business’ needs. You can’t use it as a direct policy as it won’t meet all of your business’ requirements. 

To use it effectively, you should consider the points it addresses and raises and then apply them to your employees’ remote working needs. 

For example, you’ll need to perform a health & safety risk assessment. And ensure your staff have the right equipment to complete their job. 

This will vary in your business to the template, so complete every step with consideration of your requirements as a business--with consideration for the industry you operate in. 

What is included in this template? 

After downloading, you’ll have what amounts to work from home policy guidelines. You’ll have access to: 

  • A company work from home policy you can adapt for your business.
  • Work home policy best practices (such as workplace health & safety check information, display screen equipment (DSE) advice, communication guidelines). 
  • Working from home policy checklist (to apply to your employee’s working environment, such as with their workstation, working responsibilities, and any reasonable adjustments you must make for them). 

You’ll need to be flexible and practical with these to ensure you, as an employer, establish understandable rules that ensure productivity. 

But that also allows your employees to perform their respective roles without any hindrances. 

You’ll need to be flexible and practical with these to ensure you, as an employer, establish understandable rules that ensure productivity. 

How Croner can help

Don’t forget, you can get in touch with our team of experts on 01455 858 132. We can guide you through each stage of the policy so you can understand how to implement your work from home policy. This includes how to:

  • Adapt an employee’s workplace so they can perform their job properly.
  • The DSE they’ll need.
  • The risk assessment you (or they, if their remote working is due to the coronavirus pandemic) will need to perform.
  • Reasonable adjustments you’ll have to make. 
  • Who has to carry out, and agree on, the above. 

Some of the benefits of a work from home policy include:

  • You’ll meet your duty of care requirements as an employer. 
  • Ensure staff are safe and comfortable in their new working arrangement.
  • Maximise your business’ productivity by ensuring staff can work without hindrance. 
  • Meet compliance with UK employment laws.
  • Meet compliance with UK health & safety laws. 
  • Ensure you maintain a positive working relationship with your employees by meeting you, and their, requirements for homeworking.