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Carol Smith

Carol Smith


29 Oct 2018


Legally, organisations with an annual turnover of £36 million or more must publish a modern slavery statement each year.

Unfortunately, the latest statistics show that only 60% of employers included within this range have published a statement, and a significant chunk of those that have been published do not meet the basic requirements needed for a modern slavery statement.

On the 18th October, the Home Office wrote directly to 17,000 businesses across the UK, warning them that if they did not open up about modern slavery in their supply chains they would be named as in breach of the law.

Modern slavery could easily be written off as a thing of the past, however, from Mar 2017-Mar 2018 there was a 49% increase in modern slavery offences.

With modern slavery on the rise, and failure to publish a statement punishable by law, it is more important than ever you publish your policy.

What should I include in my Modern Slavery Statement?

The government advises that every statement should have the following sections:

  • Organisational Structure: This means the internal structure of your business including any other organisations within your main business. Include locations of all your offices, as well as the primary purpose of each office/business. Within this section you should also include details of supply chains.
  • Definitions/Commitment: Outline what your business considers ‘modern slavery’. This is a fairly standard definition and can be found on the government website. Then, outline your organisation’s commitment to tackling the issue of modern slavery in all the forms stated in the definition.
  • Due Diligence: Here you should outline the steps you make to ensure slavery and human trafficking do not occur in your workplace or supply chains.
  • Areas of risk: Specify the areas within your business/supply chain where there might be a heightened risk of slavery and detail any preventative measures you’ve put in place.
  • Assessment of effectiveness: Here, you should detail how effective your preventative methods are and how any steps you have taken to combat slavery have helped.
  • Training: Mention any and all training given to staff to detect and combat modern slavery, if there is a specific individual responsible for tackling modern slavery, mention them and their role within the business.

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