Managing Employee Conduct After Lockdown

blog-publish-date 08 June 2021

You manage staff conduct on a daily basis, but in recent years the challenges facing us have drastically changed.

What has changed?

COVID-19 has altered the working world. Many employees have moved from the office into remote positions. Conflict between colleagues is a challenge all
employers face, however, the issues inciting disputes have evolved. Now staff members may disagree on life and death topics relating to COVID... vaccines, testing, and face masks.

In this guide we’ll walk you through managing a variety of conduct issues. It doesn’t matter if you’re on-site or at home, we’ll help you with the smallest grievance to the most serious instances of gross misconduct.

What will you find in the guide?

The Guide on Managing Employee Conduct After Lockdown includes information on:

  • Common employee conduct issues & how to resolve them
  • COVID-specific conduct issues
  • How to conduct a disciplinary
  • How to manage a disciplinary remotely
  • Managing bullying in your workplace

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