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blog-publish-date 04 April 2022

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You may be committed to equality and inclusivity in your workplace, but do your policies reflect it?

What is an equality and inclusivity policy?

An equality and diversity policy is a written agreement, explaining how you will:

  • Avoid discrimination in your workplace
  • Promote equality and inclusivity
  • Create a diverse company culture

Why should I have one?

It isn’t a legal requirement to have an equality and diversity policy. However, it is ethical to at least include the policy within your staff handbook.

Many individuals, groups, and communities are more at risk of discrimination and harassment in society and the workplace. Having strict policies on these behaviours, and enforcing them properly, is the best way to combat discrimination in your organisation

What do I need to consider when reviewing or drafting my policy?

An equality and diversity policy doesn’t need to be long or fancy. In fact, keeping it short and simple often makes it more effective.

To begin, thing about what it is you want to achieve. How will this policy help improve the way your business works? How will equality, diversity, and inclusivity affect your company culture?

Then, consider the specific aims of the policy. Is it recognising that certain groups are likely to experience discrimination or harassment? Is it drilling down on how your disciplinary procedure will hold staff accountable for their actions?

Once you have your goals in mind, download our template below and use it as a basis to create you policy. If you need a second opinion, speak to one of our HR documentation experts today on 01455 858 132.

How often should I review my policy?

To ensure your equality and diversity policy is working effectively, you should conduct regular reviews. It is up to you how often this occurs. It could be annually, or bi-annually. It’s also worth reviewing as part of a full contract and documentation audit.

Whatever you decide, you should conclude your policy with a commitment to review. This will let your staff know that you aren’t relying on a blanket statement. Your policies should be somewhat adaptable and fluid.

Free equality & diversity policy

Having a policy in place is a great first step towards inclusivity in your workplace. Company culture is a growing priority for many candidates and is equally important to the retention of staff across the UK.

So, if you're unsure what to include in your equality & diversity policy, download your free sample template now.


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