Latest Early Conciliation Figures – What They Tell Us

By Nicola Mullineux
19 Oct 2018

If you’re not entirely sure what early conciliation is, here’s the basic summary: Early conciliation is an ACAS process that employees have to go through when they are looking to make a claim against their employer. ACAS will try to settle the dispute at this stage to stop it escalating to an employment tribunal.

What do the figures tell us?

Early conciliation gives us a general sense of the types of claims employees are currently taking to tribunal, and therefore give us a sample of the most common tensions between employer and employee. It also gives us more insight into whether the amount of claims being taken to tribunal are rising or falling.

Here are some of the key figures:

  • In April-June 2018, 32,300 employees pursued a claim against their employer
  • Almost half of these cases related to pay & benefits, i.e. not being paid the national minimum wage
  • 8,000+ of these cases related to whistleblowing and discrimination
  • 23% of the cases in April-June have progressed to tribunal

We’ve seen a significant rise in the number of claims being made around pay & benefits, especially since the national minimum wage naming and shaming made headlines this year. Conducting a salary survey is a great way of making sure all of your employees are being paid correctly and competitively.

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