At Risk of Redundancy Letter Template UK

blog-publish-date 24 July 2020

No employer enjoys making redundancies. However, when you do make them, it’s important to get the process right.

Part of the process is letting the employee know that their job is at risk of redundancy.

What is an at Risk of Redundancy Letter?

A job at risk of redundancy letter is a written letter to inform a staff member that their role is being considered for redundancy.

It should include all other relevant information, including details on the consultation process, how and where to find more information, and the process moving forward.

What makes an at risk of redundancy letter important?

Many things. For example, failure to provide proper notification could result in a claim of unfair dismissal.

Remember, there are numerous valid reasons for redundancy, including:

  • Operational changes
  • The arrival of new technology
  • Changes in the market
  • In order to reduce business costs

Also, ensure you don’t rely on letters to get you through the redundancy process. You need to have meetings with staff, and follow procedure, for it to be fair.

Procedure to Follow When Sending at Risk of Redundancy Letter

Always use written letters in conjunction with consultation meetings. The sample at risk of redundancy letter we have below should be the stepping off point for the full process.

Once you’ve sent this letter, you need to begin consultation with your employees or their representatives. In these meetings, you should discuss alternatives to redundancies and make time to listen to the suggestions of your staff.

At the end of the consultation process, if you still wish for the redundancy to go ahead you will need to issue a letter. This one is a redundancy notice letter, you can download a sample here. This marks the final stage of the redundancy process

When Should I Use an at Risk of Redundancy Letter?

You should use the letter below as a means to begin discussions regarding redundancy. Make sure you have considered alternatives prior to issuing this letter and selecting employees, as redundancy should be a last resort.

What is Included in This at Risk of Redundancy Letter

A good at risk of redundancy letter must cover several key points. These include:

  • An explanation of the reasons why redundancies are being considered in your business.
  • The reason why the individual receiving the letter is being considered for redundancy.
  • Details on the process following the letter, particularly consultation.
  • Details of other available roles and how to apply for them (if application is necessary).
  • The final date of consultation and when the employee can expect to hear whether their position is being made redundant or not.

We cover all of these areas in our template letter. To summarise:

  1. Use this letter as the initial notification that you are considering making a role redundant
  2. Issuing this letter alone, without following proper process and holding a consultation will likely result in a claim of unfair dismissal
  3. Following the consultation period, you must also issue a final redundancy notice period letter

The below template will help keep you compliant while making redundancies. Remember to personalise the letter to your business needs. There is further at risk of redundancy ACAS advice.

Download your at risk of redundancy letter template by clicking the button below.

Download Your at Risk of Redundancy Letter Example

The following at risk of redundancy letter template applies to UK businesses only. If you are outside of the UK, different rules and regulations may apply. Get your free sample letter here: