Employment Tribunal Services

If you face an employment tribunal, or are looking to put proactive measures in place to prevent one, speak to a Croner expert today.

Tribunal representation

With tribunal claims rising, you need to be certain your managers are getting employee relations right.

Working as an extension of your HR Team, we have in-depth knowledge of current legislation, case law, rules and regulations, as well as HR best practice, and we’ll work to help you avoid costly tribunal proceedings.

In the event of a tribunal, we have a successful resolution rate of over 90%, and we handle in the region of 1,000 claims every year. You can rest assured we’ll support your case from beginning to end.

Settlement agreements

However well you run your organisation and manage your staff, there may be times when it is right to part company with an employee. This is when you need protection from the risk of an Employment Tribunal. The only way to protect yourself is by coming to a form of legally binding agreement with the employee.

This usually means the employee agrees to leave the business in consideration for payment of a financial settlement or on other terms. It is vital that such agreements are drawn up in the proper way and that all the required legal safeguards are in place. If this is not done, the employee can take the settlement money – and still go to an Employment Tribunal. We deal with such cases every day and can guide you through the process and ensure your position is as watertight as possible.


The best way to avoid an employment tribunal is to have all policies and procedures in place and up-to-date. To help you with this, Croner provides the following services:

  • Robust contracts of employment and other documentation for employment and health and safety
  • 24/7 employment law helpline for urgent issues such as disciplinary matters, pay, transfer of business or accusations of discrimination or harassment
  • Legal expenses insurance to cover any costs incurred by employment tribunals, as well as awards and settlements, could be covered

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