When you and your employee can’t agree, your employee can take you to an Employment Tribunal to resolve the dispute between you. It’s a stressful, time consuming and often expensive process for everyone, but you don’t need to deal with it on your own. We offer an expert, good-value employment tribunal representation service to support companies large and small.

We handle in the region of 1,000 claims a year and win over 85%* of the cases we take to tribunal. Our expert tribunal consultants will be involved every step of the way, from preparing the case to representing you in court. Our service also covers:

  • gathering of witness statements (and training to be a witness if required)
  • evaluating the merits or otherwise of an appeal
  • reviewing the case once it’s over, to identify any changes and improvements that need immediate implementation to protect your internal resources and your brand.

Other litigation-related services include assistance and representation with Acas Early Conciliation, Witness Familiarisation Training and the drafting of Settlement Agreements (formerly Compromise Agreements). Alternatively, please find more information on our wide range of employment law services here.

* 88%:  January-September 2012

Witness Familiarisation Training

If you are facing an Employment Tribunal and are unsure about what will happen on the day, you can turn to Croner for support.

Our Witness Familiarisation Training is a specialist day course which is recommended for anyone who has not previously given evidence at an Employment Tribunal – or who may be feeling nervous about the prospect of doing so.

What will be covered?

Our experts will offer a complete overview of Employment Tribunal proceedings and outline coping strategies for witnesses, with the opportunity to put these strategies into practice with role-play. This will help witnesses give evidence effectively and to maximise your prospects of success.

Attendance will take away the strain of being a witness and provide reassurance during a difficult time, with a course of the highest standard, run by highly experienced employment law specialists who deal with Tribunals on a daily basis.

Managers from a major UK retailer recently attended one of our Witness Familiarisation courses and provided some feedback on this course: “It met my expectations in every way. I feel better equipped for a Tribunal. I have some facts that I can coach my team with. It was great to spend time with knowledgeable tutors in a safe environment and to be able to ask as many questions as I wanted.”

Settlement Agreements

However well you run your organisation and manage your staff, there may be times when it is right to part company with an employee: and this is when you need protection from the risk of an Employment Tribunal. The only way to protect yourself is by coming to a form of legally binding agreement with the employee – called a compromise agreement.

This usually means the employee agrees to leave the business in consideration for payment of a financial settlement or on other terms. It is vital that such agreements are drawn up in the proper way and that all the required legal safeguards are in place. If this is not done, the employee can take the settlement money – and still go to an Employment Tribunal.We deal with such cases every day and can guide you through the process and ensure your position is as watertight as possible.

Our team specialises in Employment Law and Employment Tribunals and is on hand whenever you need to deal with a compromise agreement.  We will ensure that your legal documentation meets the requirements of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and other relevant legislation.

For further information about Compromise Agreements, complete the form at the bottom of this page or call us on 0800 634 1700.