Tribunal Claims Continue to Rocket

Nicola Mullineux

Nicola Mullineux


19 Mar 2019


The statistics continue to show that claims are increasing following the removal of tribunal fees in July 2017.

This continuing increase is contributing towards the delay for cases to be heard, leaving some employers with a tribunal claim hanging over their business for more than a year.


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Headline Statistics

  • In the 12 months from January - December 2018, more than 38,700 single claims were submitted to the tribunal
  • From October to December 2018, single claims are up 23% no the same quarter in 2017
  • Failure to inform and consult during redundancy procedures increased by 118%*

*Compensation in successful claims is an award of 90 days' pay (uncapped) per claimant

In-depth Statistics

Compared to the same quarter in 2017 (October-December 2017) the following claims have increased:

  • Pregnancy (detriment/dismissal) by 56%
  • Sexual orientation discrimination by 33%
  • Redundancy pay by 23%
  • Age discrimination by 18%

In the three-month period of October-December 2018, there were:

  • 4,850+ unfair dismissal claims
  • 4,000+ unauthorised deduction from wages claims
  • 3,200+ breach of contract claims
  • 3,100+ working time claims

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Nicola Mullineux

Nicola Mullineux, as Group Content Manager, leads a team of employment law content writers who produce guidance and commentary on employment law, case law and key HR developments. She has written articles for national publications for over 10 years and regularly helps to shape employment of the future by taking part in Government consultations on employment law change.


Nicola Mullineux

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