Redundancy Consultation Letter Template

blog-publish-date 31 July 2020

Redundancy is a difficult process for any business—there are key stages you must manage as you progress.

One of these is the consultation stage, where you must discuss the situation with employees facing dismissal.

Remember, if you’re considering redundancies due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are alternative routes—such as the UK government’s Job Retention Scheme. You can also call us on 01455 858 132 for further support.

However, if you must go ahead then you can refer to this guide. We cover the reasons for writing this letter. And you can download a free redundancy consultation letter example.

What is a redundancy consultation letter?

It’s a written notice to one of your employees who is facing dismissal. In it, you’ll outline the process ahead and identify key dates and times for the meeting.

When you provide an employee with notice of redundancy, consultation letters are a legal requirement if there are more than 19 people being made redundant.

In the case of collective redundancies (where over 20 staff are facing dismissal), you’ll hold at least as many consultations as needed and you should provide a consultation letter for redundancy on all occasions. 

When should you use a redundancy consultation letter?

Your redundancy process will involve a selection stage, during which you’ll use criteria to identify who’ll face dismissal.

After you identify your employees, you must then send them this letter. It’s a legal requirement.

If you don’t send the letter, or hold consultations, this will likely result in an unfair dismissal claim.

What is included in an invite to redundancy consultation letter?

Provide an overview of the purpose of the meeting. You should look to include:

  • Why the employee is facing redundancy.
  • The nature of the redundancy.
  • The selection criteria you used.
  • The reason for selecting the employee.
  • What’ll happen in the meeting.
  • The dates and times of the meeting.
  • The employee’s rights during, and after, the consultation.

You can download our redundancy consultation letter example to see the layout of such a letter. Along with what you should write in your circumstances.

How to use the redundancy consultation letter template in the UK

You can use this letter to initiate proceedings with fewer than 20 employees. Or if you’re making collective redundancies (over 20). The letter below would be used for individual consultation meetings, not their representatives.

The procedure to follow when sending a redundancy consultation letter is based around the timing of your process. Once you’re aware you may have to make redundancies, develop a strong business case and then begin your process of selecting staff.

After this, you can send the consultation letter to employees facing dismissal.

On a final note, remember you should adapt this sample redundancy consultation letter to suit your business’ circumstances.

Every process is different and you must factor in the specific developments for your business, so that you can clearly explain to your employee(s) what is happening.