Equal Pay Legislation

Potential issues and how to prepare

The Prime Minister has announced that companies with 250 employees or more need to publish average female and average male earnings. It will mean that employers have to look very closely at whether they are paying the same for jobs of equal value across their business.

With this in mind, potential issues for businesses include:

  • Public exposure and vulnerability

For instance, falling foul of the equal pay legislation if there is nothing in place to underpin how jobs are measured and pay is set.

  • Process/Resource/Time

There are many practicalities to conducting an equal pay audit.

  • And other factors

This can include how the gender pay gap information needs to be presented/how often.  

We can help by:

  • Completing an Equal Pay Audit

Our equal pay experts can support you with this and highlight areas of concern.

  • Using our Equality Tool

This rigorously tests the fairness of an organisation’s pay system by probing pay differences to indicate where any risk or potential exposure may exist.

  • Compiling Market Rate Reports

If salary changes are required, then we can provide tailored market rate reports to support pay adjustments for any member of staff; saving you valuable time.   In response to the government announcements, we can help to assess your position and provide the support you need to get ahead of the legislation and avoid being caught out. For further information, please contact our employment law services team on 0844 728 0103 or e-mail reward@croner.co.uk.