Waiting for Gender Pay Regulations? You May be Too Late


11 Oct 2016


Regulations governing gender pay reporting for organisations with over 250 employees that were expected on Saturday (October 1 2016) were not released.

As it is getting closer to the April 2017 date when employers need to start calculating gender pay gaps, Croner is urging employers to begin their calculations based on the draft regulations.

Clare Parkinson, Croner Reward Business Manager, comments: “Although employers may feel like waiting until the government publishes the final legislation, which according to Acas will be December should Parliament approve, there may not be enough time to address any issues with pay. Croner Reward has over 40 years’ experience in remuneration management, so is ideally placed to provide guidance on best practice.

“To comply with the draft regulations, we will analyse an organisation’s pay data to highlight where any gaps exist. Furthermore, an expert report will be produced to identify any areas of risk and to develop an action plan to tackle the causes.

“By starting the process early, employers would be able to take immediate action to rectify the gaps before the reports are published. To support this, our job evaluation system is an analytical, factor-based tool, where the emphasis is on roles not people.

Additionally, our salary benchmarking tool helps to set pay based on the level of job whilst taking into consideration company turnover, number of employees, industry sector and location.” To find out more about how Croner Reward can assist with gender pay reporting, please call 0844 728 0103.

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