Health & Safety Report Shows More Positive Outlook for UK than EU

By Amanda Beattie
25 May 2017

A new, insightful series of infographics have been published by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) regarding the challenges of ageing at work.

The infographics accentuate thought-provoking facts and figures surrounding working conditions and health, as well as labour market participation and policies, linked to ageing at work in each European country featured in the report. When comparing the findings for the UK with Europe as a whole, some significant differences come to light, as follows:

  • In the UK, around 23% of workers think their health is negatively affected by work (compared to around 27% for the EU as a whole).
  • Some 17% of workers in the UK think they will not be able to do the same job at 60 (this figure is 22% for the EU).
  • Around 39% of people in the UK think that age discrimination is widespread, compared with 45% in the EU.
  • In the UK, health and safety is discussed regularly between workers and management in 80% of establishments, compared with 59% in the EU.
  • The average age of the UK population is increasing slower than that of the EU average.
  • The population of older people is expected to grow moderately from 2040 in the UK.

Stephen Thomas, Croner Health and Safety expert, comments: “Where there are differences evidenced between the UK and Europe, the findings reveal a more positive outlook for the UK. “Most significantly, I take note of the workplace discussions surrounding health and safety standing at 80% for the UK, and just 59% for the EU. “Croner continuously campaign for health and safety awareness and best practice bred throughout the workplace, so it’s satisfying to see a high percentage of workers having these talks with management.

“Organsations should not be waiting until there is an incident at their door to address health and safety, so if any employers are looking to review their current health and safety procedures, we urge you to get in touch.” The publication features 31 European countries, including the UK, with a final infographic illustrating the full EU landscape of the subject. The infographics form part of the Agency’s visualisation tool on ageing and occupational safety and health, which was released earlier in 2017, in support of EU-OSHA’s current two-year Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign for 2016/17 focusing on sustainable work and healthy ageing.

About the Author

Amanda Beattie

Amanda represents corporate clients and large public bodies, including complex discrimination and whistleblowing claims. Amanda also drafts and delivers bespoke training regarding all aspects of employment law, including ‘mock tribunal’ events; in addition she also frequently drafts employment law articles for various publications for Croner and their clients.

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