Kathy Tilbury - Managing Director

“Working with the team at Croner I feel that whether it be someone on the end of the phone to my account manager to a member of their Litigation Team, or from their health and safety audits, these people are just direct extensions of my own business, they may as well work for me.”

How We've Helped

Kathy Tilbury, Managing Director of Excelsior Coaches in Bournemouth, talks about why her staff are as important as the fleet within her company and why Croner feels like a direct extension of her business.

“My name is Kathy Tilbury, I’m the Managing Director of Excelsior Coaches in Bournemouth.  Our staff are equally as valuable as our vehicle assets and we’ve done a lot of work in developing them.

“With the changes of the PSV licensing, gone are the days where a driver just had a license.  I’m not underestimating the skill and professionalism that they had, but we are now introducing new qualifications and new skill sets and new NVQs that give our drivers a professional competence. Working with Croner we have been able to develop training needs analysis, find out areas we need to concentrate on, and in particular areas to give driver training.

“We have a very good working relationship with them, they are always professional and I value their advice.  To me it’s worth every penny because it indemnifies me, it gives me that peace of mind that they are sat behind me in any decision I make and we work in an envionrment where it’s all to easy to fall foul but when you know you’ve got those procedures, you know you’ve got that support behind you, you know you’re going into everything head strong.  You’re well-armed, you’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got everything there and it’s also giving our employee’s peace of mind that they’ve got that support with them as well; it’s a bit like a value added service.

“When we bring on new recruits to the business and they go through our training programmes we tell them that we work with Croner because from their point of view they’re seeing that we are a credible business and that they want to come and work for us.  We have got to have the peace of mind that we have got the support and back up behind us in which to be able to work these days and Croner gives me that.  Without any shadow of a doubt, Croner gives me that.”

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