Carly Davis - Business Development Manager

“The distinctive thing that makes Croner different is that they aren’t all solicitors and that they have industry knowledge and they take a very practical approach and give our members advice and really empathise with their particular issues.”

How we've helped the NFB

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) is the construction industry’s longest established trade association. The federation represents companies involved in the building and construction industry in England and Wales. The NFB have been providing Croner’s added-value association services to their members for over 10 years. Here the NFB describe what makes the Croner service different.

“Of our seven advice lines that we provide to members at no further charge to them, the employment advice line is the most well-used and as a result I am in no doubt that it has obviously saved our members money with regards to solicitors fees and legal costs and hopefully has avoided Tribunal situations and further litigation by nipping things in the bud at the early stage.

“When Croner’s consultants answer the telephone they answer as the NFB Employment Advice Line so the members perceive that the person answering that call is sat in one of the NFB offices.  It’s a seamless service and they are very much a part of our organisation.

“One of the things we found surprising was that the National Federation of Builders does a lot of work with the construction industry joint council where they basically negotiate with trade unions and construction companies. It was quite refreshing that Croner dedicated a lot of time to really understanding and putting their advice line team through the training process and met with some of the industry experts in order to make sure they could really help with specific issues around the working rule agreement.

“I would tell people who asked whether they should work with Croner that absolutely yes they should.  My experience has been a very positive one; they’re very friendly, professional and easy to work with. They’re very understanding.  They appreciate that this is an add-on service that we are providing to our membership and that they are a reflection of the NFB when they answer the phone to our members and that it’s important to safeguard our reputation and to also help the businesses that pay a subscription to us.”

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